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V Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine


Fully Automatic and High Speed

Machine is fully automatic and runs at high speed of 400 bags per minute with 4 rotating blades. This translates into high production with minimum manpower.

Automatic Braking System

Automatic tension control system is provided with pneumatic disc brake at unwind unit. This helps in maintaining flow of paper to the machine and tension is automatically Adjusted with carying reel diameter.

Pneumatic Reel Lifting System

Machines is equipped with pneumatic reel lifting to ease the operation and better roll handling.

Gusset Adjustment

Both side gusset can be adjusted in tandem from one knob. This helps ther operator to adjust gusset debpth on the run with precision.


Total production counter, settable batch counter, drive counter are all available at one place at operating side.

Special Design of Size Plate

Size plate for tube formation is of unique design and radius, which enables high speed production, less breakdowns and quick size changeovers.

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V Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine


It is the most advanced and sought-after fully automatic high-speed V Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine which essentially uses primary color paper rolls such as Kraft paper, striped brown paper, slick paper, food coated paper, medical paper to mention a few. The entire bag-making process consists of various steps such as side-folding, side gluing, bottom gluing, bag forming and delivery of the finished product, all done at a single time. This machine is highly advanced and comes with the latest features which allow ease of operation and high efficiency. Due to its high stability and speed, the machine is ideal for making and manufacturing bags of different kinds and strengths.

V Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine (PBM 1117)

V Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine (PBM2C 1517)

V Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine (PBM4C 1824)

Technical Specifications

Specifications PBM 117 (11″) PBM 1517 (15″) PBM 1824 (18″)
Cutting length (C) 125-450 MM 125-450 MM 135-615 MM
Bag Length (H) 120-445 MM 120-445 MM 130-610 MM
Bag Width (L) 100-280 MM 100-380 MM 100-450 MM
Gusset 0-100 MM 0-140 MM 0-165 MM
Standard Flap 12-20 MM 12-20 MM 12-20 MM
Max. Speed 400 Pcs/Min 400 Pcs/Min 400 Pcs/Min
Paper Thickness 40-80 GSM 40-80 GSM 40-120 GSM
Paper Roll Width 220-840 MM 220-1070 MM 220-1260 MM
Max. Roll Diameter 1000 MM 1000 MM 1000 MM
Total Power 3 KW 3.5 KW 5 KW
Plate Thickness 2.84 MM 2.84 MM 2.84 MM
Overall DImension 4500 x 1600 x 1600 MM 5000 x 1850 x 1600 MM 5000 x 2440 x 1700 MM
Weight of Machine 2500 KGS 3000 KGS 4800 KGS

Our V bottom paper bag making machine produce paper bags in a variety of available sizes. These machines are widely used in grocery, packing, confectionery, culinary, and other fields. The size of the paper bag can be easily modified by easily adjusting the gear. The process is simple and quick to change the size. The machine is one of the revolutionary machines and it caters to the need of producing quality V-cut paper bags. It aims for 100% customer satisfaction and success. This features the continuous function of automatic paper feeding, gluing, creasing, bottom-sticking, and bag forming makes producing paper bags a simple process. You can simply contact us and get a premium quality paper bag machine price to get it at an affordable price. The material used can be paper rolls or printed paper rolls. The machinery is controlled with the help of a computer-enabled control system added with a touch screen as well as a servo motor for cut-off length control. This makes the machine durable, stable performer, easy to operate, and adjust. The design of the V bottom paper bag making machine is unique with advanced features and technical specifications that lower the cost of making bags to a great extent